Refillable E-Cig Cartridges and Cartomizers

Many terms for a e-cig refill cartridge are floating out there now.  Cartomizers, Atomizers which attached to cartridges or just cartridges.  In a nutshell it all means refills for your refillable electronic cigarette.

The cartomizer seemingly has started to mean the same thing as cartridge or refill where in the past atomizers and cartridges were used for older conventions in e-cigs.  Currently, they just call them cartomizers (which at one time was a newer phrase suggestion newer technology)

E-Cigarette refills vary too depending on the type of refillable e cig you have.  Some will be magnetic cartomizers.  Others will be screw on.  Some probably will feature a snap on cartridge or cartomizer or refill (what ever nomenclature the e-cig company uses).

So there you have it.  That is the way I will dumb down what is meant by all that terminology.  It more or less will all mean the same thing for a consumer.  It equates to e cig refills.

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Refillable E-Cigs Syringe Method

Learn how to do the syringe method for your refillable e-cigs

Step 1: Take the Rubber Cap off of the end of the cartridge using a screwdriver or tweezers or another tool like that.

Step 2: Use your syringe and remove e liquid from your bottle. Then, insert the syringe needle into the middle of your e cig cartridge filler until you are near the bottom of the cartridge. For two-piece Cartomizer, you will want to make sure you avoid damaging the atomizer and insert the syringe needle aiming for the mesh that is inside of the carto tube. Depress your syringe plunger slowly while moving the needle. Do not overfill your cartridge.

Step 3: Replace the Electronic Cigarette cartridge rubber cap you took off earlier.

Step 4: Once the cartridge is filled, cap it for later use or install on your electronic cigarette.

Step 5: Put any left-over e liquid back into your e-liquid bottle. You can also put the cap on the syringe and let it remain in the syringe to top off additional cartridges.

Step 6: Wash your syringe by filling it with fresh water and flushing the syringe several times.